Thursday, 13 November 2014

The joys of winter

It is time also for me to choose my top 3 winter coats. I am probably a little late but since the weather in Denmark has been so great the past months so I haven't really had the time to think even about buying one.  I already tried the pink one and  I am absolutely in love with it and it is already on my Christmas wish list :)

I guess that all the styles of coats I chose are made to fit different occasions and this is also the reason why I picked them, of course. Also depending on what your style is, you would choose a different winter coat.

                         Black Coat from Just Female HERE             Grey Coat from H&M HERE

              Pink Villa Coat HERE

What do you think, do you find anything that you would like to have in your closet?

Have a lovely Thursday!

Fashion Memos.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Last minute Halloween costumes

Are you one of those girls that like Halloween  decorations and playing dress-up, but still thinks about what costume to wear in the last minute. I do that every time and Many times I have no costume in the end because it is too late to make or order one.

Anyways, one thing you Can do is to look at ASOS marketplace since they have 
a lot of interesting ideas and cheap costume offers that Would do the work.   

I also have a few very easy suggestions that would not be expensive and you might actually have some of them already in your closet:-)

1. One of my favourite costumes ever is of the WITCH... Quite easy to be done in a short period. What I think you should have is the big cone hat that the witch have, prefferably a white wick (both of these things you can find in your local supermarket or in Tiger) and in the end you can have a little black dress ( something that every girl has in her closet) and as a finish you Can rip a part a pair of your not so expensive tights to be more effective.

2. Another easy costume to have is of a cheerleader/ schoolgirl. I think almost every girl has a red print pleated skirt, a white shirt  and sneakers that can perfectly fit the cheerleader image. If you want a complete look then you can accessoriez with things like a tie, long socks or a band in the hair:-) 

3. If you want to look Like a police woman, that would probably not be very hard, too. This season were very trendy jumpsuits, so you should most probably have one in your closet. If not HM or Vero Moda might have something cheap to offer. You should most probably look for a  police hat, too, that you can match with a pair of hand cuffs and may be a fake gun. You should also try and find a belt that can hold all those things  and a badge if possible:-) (to be more convincing).

P.S. Do not forget the long boots if you have short jumpsuit:-)

These are the suggestions I Would have when it comes to a Very easy, cheap, last minute Halloween costume:-) So... Any favourites? Which one Would you choose? I think I will go for the WITCH:-) and you?

Have a lovely Friday:-)

P.S. If you want your costume to be published, please send me a pictures and one of you guys will win a surprise present:-)

Fashion Memos.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Its all about DENIM

Love denim shirts, can match them so easily with sneakers, boots, heels etc. It is definitely a must have for the AW 2014 season. I am a proud owner of 3 denim shirts- different styles. You can also notice a wide range of denim jackets, shorts and high waist jeans on the shelves of many clothing stores this season. I am keeping an eye on NELLY.COM range of high waist jeans HERE with a lot of lovely pieces.


                 VERO MODA denim shirt HERE                  VERO MODA denim shirt HERE

Do you have one in your closet?

Fashion Memos.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bianco by Camilla Pihl

It is so close. Just now Bianco footwear released their collection made in collaboration with the Norwegian blogger Camilla Pihl. The collection consists of modern pieces with a rock twist. The release is today, 11th September, in all Bianco shops... looking forward for that :) Here is a sneak peak of the collection.

Looking forward to see this collection today, too?
ME, TOO :)

Fashion Memos.

Monday, 8 September 2014

DIY blink blink earrings

I had the instant urge on Friday to make myself a pair of earrings that are delicate but still catchy. Since I love the combination of the dragon vein beads with czech crystal beads, I decided to experiment with these two types of beads. You can use anything you want, also in terms of sizes. I think that 10 mm is great- not too small and not too big, so I recommend it. I think that a smaller size might be lost, and too small, if you use smaller size of beads.

    What do you need?
  • Round pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • 2 beads of your choice (10 mm)
  • 2 crystal beads (10 mm)
  • 2 silver hooks 
  • 2 silver head pins (I used 70 mm but 40-50 can do it for you for sure :))
First, you should place the beads on the head pin and  cut it by leaving around 1 mm of the pin that we will use later to make the eye for the pin. Use the round pliers to make the eye by slowly twisting the pin until you get a round eye, place the hook and VOILA, you have your perfect blink-blink earrings for Friday night.

What do you think?

Happy week!

Fashion Memos.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fall: First AW14 Purchase

Loving my new Gina Tricot black top, first purchase for this AW14 season. It is very comfortable and fluffy, can be matched with a nice pair of jeans for a more casual look but at the same time you can match it with a pair of leather pans/ leggings in combination with a pair of classic black heels or boots.

Casual and comfortable look at the Silkeborg festival on Saturday, wearing my new Gina Tricot top, similar HERE,  and a blur pair of jeans from H&M basics HERE. I have accessorised with some handmade jewellery from Contessa Jewellery similar HERE.

What do you think, girls?

Fashion Memos.

Back to School

Last week was the first school school year, new look. The backpack trend is even stronger than the last year. I chose a few pieces from ASOS that will fit different student profiles, and not only.

I usually would not choose a bag like that but I am starting to like this style more and more, fall in love with the second backpack in black leather. What do you think? Do you own one like that?


Миналата седмица беше първата учебна седмица тук... новата учебна година, нов стил. Тенденцията при раницата е дори по-силна от миналата година. Избрах няколко такива от ASOS, които отговарят на различни стилове ученици, и не само. 

Аз обикновено не бих избрала раница, но този стил започва да ми харесва все повече и повече, дори се влюбих във втората черна кожена раница. Какво мислите? Имате ли в гардеробът си такава раница?




Fashion Memos.